News Item 21st January 2005

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News Item 21st January 2005

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You may have noticed I've rolled out the 'new look' site. There are still odd bits and pieces being changed, and I've got a whole stack of guitar tabs to add, but hopefully navigation will be a little easier now (and it should be clear why the colour scheme of this forum didn't fit in with the old site!). If you've come here directly, the main index page is at

Also updated is my 'Welcome Message' for the first time in a while.


"We really regret to let you know that Graham fell ill last evening and was unable to perform with Michael. Very sorry to disappoint you all, but we will keep the rehearsal pic on the site to evidence that the dream was actually about to come true. We hope that Graham will get well soon any way, and thank you for your patience.


The Official Graham Bonnet Website"