News Item 9th March 2005

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News Item 9th March 2005

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Spent a very enjoyable evening in a small pub in Milton Keynes last Saturday where Waysted played a blinding gig. Photos of the event can be found at the official waysted site It was kinda rock n roll in your living room, with a special mention for Chris George on guitar... it can't be easy working next to Fin and Pete on such a small stage!

In related news Waysted will also be playing at the 2005 Rock and Blues festival at Pentrich, Derbyshire, UK, 28th-31st July. Their set will be on the Friday night, and headlining on the Saturday night will be UFO! Rock and Blues 2001 was the event where UFO were special guests of Uli Jon Roth and was the first gig since 'that Manchester gig' (<A HREF="" TARGET="main">see here for details</A>).

The Rock and Blues 2005 site can be found at

UFO have also announced the first round of European Tour dates starting May 6th. More details can be found at the Official UFO site Part of this tour is the Pumpwerk gig in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on May 13th 2005 where the DVD will be recorded. Advance tickets can be purchased through the official UFO site

Further to last news update Michael Schenker has confirmed more dates for his acoustic sets in the States. I will be updating my own tour dates page soon, but in the meantime they can be found at Michaels site

MSG have also been confirmed for the 2005 Monterrey Metal Festival II in Monterrey, Mexico, May 28th 2005.