UFO at the Deco

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UFO at the Deco

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I’ve been a UFO fan since well it seems like forever, not been to see them for a few years, but not for the want of trying but our old hero MS always let the side down. But I decided to get out of my bath chair and get my butt to Northampton and I’m so glad I did, what a great gig.

I’m not in the wilderness where UFO are concerned still get the CDs You are here and Monkey Puzzle are to fine works; and after all these years there is still fresh tunes after seeing them play Monday night I can’t help feeling that Michael was the thorn in UFO’s side. Now don’t get me wrong MS is a guitar god in his own right before any of you fans rip me apart.

I gazed at Phil and the boys; Vinne was part man part guitar he played like the Angels of Rock were guiding him, if they exist! I’m sure they do. I imagined ghost of Michael standing in the shadows bowing his head and slipping away with out a trace but we will remember his face, as Vinne played the mid section of Mother Mary the attack was like a rain of arrows, Andy beat out a death march on his drums, Pete’s base hammered nails in a V shaped coffin, Phil spat out a venomous sermon and Paul calmly brushed the ashes from his key boards and the Ghost of Michael is laid to rest.

It's only Raaawk & Roll but I like it
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If they ever make it to my neck of the woods, I'll be certain to see them.
Thanks for the report.

(Tho I'm more of a Michael fan, but hey!)
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