Heavy Hitters Competition and UK Release

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Heavy Hitters Competition and UK Release

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The excellent new 'MSG' album <A HREF="http://ufo.dave-wood.org/albums/heavyhi ... tml">Heavy Hitters</A> is due for a UK release on October 3rd 2005, through http://www.thestoreformusic.com.

However, you can get a FREE mint condition copy of the US version by winning this simple to enter competition (I somehow managed to forget pre-ordering it and so ended up with 2 copies!)

Q: How many of the people appearing on the Heavy Hitters CD have had a CD released previously with them being part of the same band as Michael Schenker?

Answers should be sent to competition@dave-wood.org, and should include the names of all the musicians AND the band(s) they were in with Michael.

All entries must be received by SEPTEMBER 14TH, if more than one correct answer is received the winner will be chosen by random, if noone gets it 100% correct the closest guess will win. My decision is final etc etc.

Note that geography is no barrier. I will post to anywhere in the world.