News Item 22nd December 2004 Part II

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News Item 22nd December 2004 Part II

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You may have noticed some catching up the past few days, and as a little Christmas Present I have removed the pop-up panel and updated the Votes section! This is part of a much large revamp taking place to celebrate this site's 10th Anniversary next month, so look out for some spring cleaning and extra goodies being added early in the New Year! (I made these changes to show you all that I'm serious this time).

Many thanks for the concern that has been shown for my virtual absence, but everything's fine: it's just been a combination of more responsibilty at work and spending more time with my family. Something had to give and it was this site. I'm hoping that the changes I'll be making will help me to start updating more often, and start giving Ritchie some real competition again!

2004 hasn't been a bad year for UFO and MSG, with a string of successful dates for both with smiles all around (mostly). In addition we've had an excellent UFO album with new boys Vinnie Moore and Jason Bonham joining the family. Michael Schenker has also continued to surprise and amaze with an excellent contribution to his catalogue in the form of "Endless Jam". Life is good.. and 2005 looks like continuing in the same vein.

So what better way to end the year than to wish everyone in this UFO/Schenker community of ours a very happy, joyous and peaceful holiday period for you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!