News Item 21st December 2004

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News Item 21st December 2004

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Next year's "NAMM Shows - A Night Of Guitars" has MSG headling, with other performances by George Lynch, Gilby Clarke, Bruce Kulick. The event is on January 20th at The Vault, Long Beach, CA and tickets are on sale (thanks Ken).

Hardradio has an interview with MSG members at <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">this address.</A>

There is a review of Michael Schenker with Siggi Schwarz from 17th December posted at <A HREF=" ... port91.htm" TARGET="_blank"> Ritchie's Site</A> by Christoph Gerlach, with some great photos.

Update at <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"> Chris Logan's site</A> with news of his latest project with Jake E. Lee (Badlands) which sounds interesting.

If you live in the UK don't forget to <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"> support Waysted</A> on their upcoming tour!